Our Story


For our family of nine (Mom, Dad, and seven kids) growing up on a farm was all about spreading the love by opening our home to anyone and everyone.  Mom always made people feel special from the moment they walked in the door of our 100-year-old farmhouse by giving them a hug and a plate of food.  Our kitchen was so welcoming with the aromas of Polish and Ukrainian delicacies you could smell it a mile down the road.  I loved to be there with Mom helping her can, cook, and especially making her scrumptious coffee cakes! Even though I knew that most of these beautiful coffee cakes were going to our church bake sale on Sunday, the rolling, patting, cutting, and baking was such a sweet labor of love—because Mom made sure we ended with a tea party and a mouth-watering coffee cake, while tales of her childhood were told. For years it was my dream and passion to share my mom’s giving spirit and develop and bring these heavenly coffee cakes to the next level...and to the world!

Today, Charlotte Touchette’s Gourmet Coffee Cakes does just that by giving a portion of the profits to charity and community—sharing her mother’s love with you and your family!  So grab a coffee cake and sit down at the table with anyone and everyone—and “spread the love!” It will be heavenly!